Champion alpaca from Snowshoe farm, Peacham, Vermont

At Snowshoe Farm, we raise breeding quality huacaya alpacas. Our herd includes award-winning breeding stock as well as nonbreeding alpacas valued for their contribution of fiber. Each spring we shear our alpacas to harvest their fleece. Products made from our herd’s annual clip are offered for sale in our farm store, at various fiber festivals throughout the Northeast and through this online store.

Processing the fiber from our herd is a year-round project. Beginning soon after shearing, the fiber is skirted and sorted, then sent in small batches to Sallie’s Fen Fibers, a New Hampshire mill, for processing into yarn and roving. Once we receive the cones of yarn back from the mill, we skein, wash and dye the yarn here at the farm. We use Greener Shades™ non-hazardous acid dyes.

At Snowshoe Farm, we know fiber – specifically, alpaca fiber. Only the finest of our alpaca fiber is processed into yarn and roving. Our harvest also includes fiber that is not fine enough or long enough for yarn, but is still soft, warm and suitable for other types of products. This fiber is wonderful for felting and we are now offering washed and picked alpaca fiber for felting in natural and hand dyed colors.

To round out our fiber arts offerings, we carry patterns as well as a selection of supplies such as knitting needles, crochet hooks and dyes.

Our farm store also features products made from our alpaca fiber, including hand woven alpaca rugs and hand knit alpaca scarves.